• BGproof

    Comprehensive background reports

    BGproof and its partners have been producing comprehensive legal reports for over a decade; Their evidentiary value has already resulted in millions dollars of recovered client funds in financial cases alone. Our information access, proprietary data, and industry experience equip us deliver unmatched results promptly.

  • Seal Patrol

    Movie site

    Brief project. Designed responsively, coded, and pushed in an evening. Hosted with GitHub Pages

  • Infowrap

    Brand and application design from grid concept to fine-grain CSS completion across all browsers and devices.

  • BizBuilt

    New job at BizBuilt as the Senior Designer/UX Developer

  • Tellagence

    We Predict How Information Will Move

    I handle front-end development of the Tellagence product as seen at our recent launch at DEMO. Developed with CoffeeScript. Other techniques used to keep the whole product pixel-abstract.

  • Athey Creek

    • Abstracted tag based associated data structure for organization
    • Full event management, including recurring events
    • High-resolution retina display support
    • Robust full-site search with unique treatment for different data types and recommendations
    • Over 2,500 audio sermons with descriptions & tags and full HD video for new
    • Full member support with member:role link for prioritization and the ability to reflect different roles for different involvement
    • Robust data linking between events, downloads, images, members, roles, text, and much more
    • Integrated cron syncing between Twitter and Vimeo
    • Full API support in XML and JSON
  • Responsimage

    Images, served.

    Imagine a world where you upload one high-res image and it fills every space you ask without scaling. Every instance of that image across your whole site, from the thumbnail view to the landscape view created, loaded, and cached with simplicity.
    No need to dream, meet Responsimage ..

    • Full compatability with every major browser — even down to IE6 !
    • Non-fixed aspect ratios — request any size at any time
    • Load only the image for the current screensize
      • .. as you scale, other image variants load in response (set reaction time with limit attribute)
      • .. don’t have the user load 10+ variants of the same image
      • .. don’t spend time creating 10+ variants of the same image and guessing what sizes you’ll need (just set the size in the HTML and it will fill the space)
    • High resolution display compatible — iPhone retina -webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2
    • No image prep needed — simply upload one high resolution graphic (optimized images are created and cached on the fly)
    • Optimized for every size — no scaling images!
    • Load animation for good UX communication — “the image is on its way .. wait a sec”
    • Optionally omit width or height to resize and cache at the original aspect ratio
  • Diet Snapple Half 'n Half: Lemonade vs. Tea Commercial

    This is possibly the best ad I've ever seen.

    The perfect blend of tasty tea and tangy lemonade has been known to draw a line in the sand. Some love the tea, some love the lemonade, but only a handful keep giant flavor sumo suits within reach to settle such an argument.

    • Main character is introduced
    • Great product placement and logo usage throughout the commercial
    • Approachability for the common corporate employee (target market)
    • Stale, dated coloring and decor used to format the scene without being demeaning to its target market
    • Even racial distribution for any race concerns
    • A battle ensues between the two parts of the beverage
    • Ridiculous scenes play forth without resolution to build a climax
    • The main character then becomes the winner when the fourth character says it’s blended perfectly
    • Perfect text summary scene while drinking
    • Perfect product summary at finale

    An entire story captured in a moment and every action in the commercial pushed the brand forward. Nothing was offensive to the product, the target market, or Snapple. It is engaging and humorous, an impressive accomplishment. Filan thought: the commercial take away actually leaves you with the “Snapple” brandname in mind unlike other ads that have you say “it was fun, what was it for?”

  • What Is Markdown?

    I chose to answer the question with a website

    Bottom line, people who edit content should focus on the words and the designer should make them pretty. Markdown does an excellent job at drawing a line in the sand, equipping us to all play nice together.

  • Church Deploy


    The mission of Church Deploy is to build, as a community, the best church website framework possible and give it away, free of charge.

    “Now the full number of those who believed were of one heart and soul, and no one said that any of the things that belonged to him was his own, but they had everything in common.”
    —ACTS 4:32 (ESV)

    We believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the most incredible gift ever given to humanity, and we desire for churches to be better-equipped to share the Gospel with this dying world and to build up the Church globally for the work of the ministry.

    “For the ministry of this service is not only supplying the needs of the saints but is also overflowing in many thanksgivings to God.”
    —2 CORINTHIANS 9:12 (ESV)


    “ your new fav tool ”

    This utility was forged from high grade, “ Thompson standard ” steel composite. It can take an image and fashion it into a smaller and more agile replica with minimal side-arm refraction and interoperable portability. The tool was originally a joint effort between several large factories, but has since found a home in its’ quiet metropolitan warehouse known as “ Triumph ”. Triumph is home to nearly 3,200 adrealic turbo encabulators.

  • Spotify dev

    Cover - Full screen artwork

    Fun test.. just built a full screen album art app for Spotify called “Cover.” My first thought was to make an app that was a mashup of foursquare checkin’s and currently-listening spotify music posted on a Google map, but it turns out Spotify only allows very specific external JSON calls. No simple JS includes :(

  • Verizon bad

    This commercial was bad.. it only mentioned two attributes of the phone.. that it was skinny and that it had a screen. Really? Are those differentiating factors? Maybe I’m too vested in the iPhone world, but I don’t really care about my phone hardware, i just want it to work. It’s all about the software, because that’s where the magic comes into play. Bottom line, it felt very much like they were excited about some internal wins, and forgot the consumer when writing the ad. For an example of how great Verizon’s perception is, check out this SNL skit.

  • Valentine’s CSS

    ( yum )

    Looking for the right button for your sweetheart ? Look no further ;)

  • Michelle Pearl Gee

    Professional photographer

    Just pushed the new MichellePearlGee.com ! Michelle specializes in wedding, corporate, and fashion photography.

  • Imageizer

    “ your fav new tool ”

    Crop and scale images on the fly in your browser !

  • Alpine snowboarder

    My first flash game, lol !
  • Tyler Gould

    New branding for Tyler Gould !

    I recently was undertaking a branding revamp “in house” for my company, however, as we lacked the expertise to really take it to the next level, I kept hitting my head up against the wall. Enter: Kirk Strobeck. Kirk listened to what I had in mind and we collaborated, coming up with different options for my brand that extended far beyond what I would have been able to achieve otherwise. He also gave me pointers on future use so that I was staying true to a strong brand identity. Truly great guy and a pleasure to work with.
    — Tyler Gould / Photographer & Video Producer

  • Rogue Satellite

    New website for Nic and Josh, movie makers .. !

  • Trimera Group

    Large international fashion company web presence (currently v3)

    Kirk has led multiple projects for our organization and provides valuable insight when it comes to execution, design and best practices. He is committed to delivering against his promises and does not take short cuts when it comes to resolution of any issues.
    — Kimiko

  • Lorem -_-

    Great little Mac app #free

    You may have used lipsum in the past.. Now you can bring it down to your toolbar with Little Ipsum ! Also, try the ctrl+click method to copy HTML. #getyourlatinon

  • Kimberly Warner

    “Working with Kirk on my photography website has been seamless, efficient and a great pleasure. He effectively took my vision for a clean, non-fussy interface and executed it with proficiency and ease. I originally thought transitioning from a generic photography template online to a web designer would entail a lot more time and difficulty in uploading new portfolio imagery, but Kirk created an interface that is simple, timeless and original.”

  • Dr. Gruber

    Meegan Gruber, M.D., Ph.D.

    Cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery
    Dr. Gruber is board certified in plastic and reconstructive surgery and sees patients at Providence Medical Group-Sherwood and Bridgeport.

    Fun mashup of jQuery uCompare and Desandro’s isotope plugins. It all came together pretty well, even Desandro agrees :P

    Nice work,
    Thanks for sharing Kirk!
    Dave DeSandro

  • Copperfox

    Playing tonight @ someday

    Balto with I Hate You Just Kidding, Copperfox and Rabbit Foot

    Rory Mohon + Lisa Garcia

  • Fresh baked !

    Great implementation.. VideoEgg, now Say Media has a hover to pop-up banner ad. Once hovering, the video screen let me flip it over to configure #widgetstyle. Not quite right on female, scary right on the rest. Makes me consider the trend of cookies, as they are letting you reconfigure them. Will future media push for un-deletable cookies?

  • 6 Feb 12

    Bootstrap 2

    from Twitter

    Simple and flexible HTML, CSS, and Javascript for popular user interface components and interactions.

    A great quickstart toolkit for front-end web development and a perfect lightning-rod for best practices.

  • Resume

  • Sante Naturkosmetik

    CARE FOR YOU AND THE WORLD! SANTE transforms valuable natural cosmetics into fun for the whole family.